Data Collection

workflow_name (# downloads, # views, scipion version)
BASIC_Import_Mcorr2_Ctffind4_Gain_Summary (121, 695, 1.2): Basic workflow for data acquisition with import movies, motioncor2, ctffind, gain and summary
TOMO_ScipionBox (95, 615, (2018-05-18) (release-1.2.1 92b345f)): Tilted series acquisition as movies
Phase_Plate_mottioncor_ctffing_gctf_gain (94, 668, 1.2): Basic workflow for phase plate collection with motioncor2 ctffind gain and sumamry
BASIC_Import_Mcorr2_Ctffind4_Summar (93, 683, 1.2): Basic workflow for facilities: motioncor, ctffind, summary
All2Monitor_CPU_Gain_XmippAlign_MaxShift_CTFfind4_XmippCtf_CTFcons (91, 628, v2.0 (2019-04-23) Diocletian): A basic workflow from movies to CTF consensus using only CPU
Wokflow_with_gctf (90, 507, v1.2.1 (2018-10-01) Claudio): workflow with gctf
streaming_2d_classification_in_batches (90, 497, 1.2.1): Streaming workflow from movies to relion 2d classification in batches.
All2Monitor_GPU_Import_Gain_Mcor2_MaxShift_gCTF_XmippCTF_CTFcons_Summary (81, 587, v2.0 (2019-04-23) Diocletian): Workflow to monitor gain stability, movie alignment and ctf estimation using the summary monitor. GPU
demo_until_particlePrunning (80, 416, 2.0.0): Dynamic template to launch a form asking for: Deposition path, pattern, voltage, spherical aberration and sampling rate. NOTE: incluede this file to $SCIPION_HOME/pyworkflow/templates in .json.template format in order to be able to be open it by: sc...
Phase_plate in ScipionBox (79, 456, v1.2.1 (2018-10-01) Claudio): Phase_plate in ScipionBox